New York Times Exploring the Possibilities of Immersive Reporting with Daily 360 Video Series

It’s especially impressive that The New York Times – a company so well known and respected in the “old media” world of newspapers – hasn’t hesitated to push beyond the written word and lead the news industry with 360-degree video. You might be familiar with the NYT VR app featuring well-made non-fiction films shot in immersive video.

But it’s latest and boldest initiative is The Daily 360 – a daily 360-degree video shot by journalists using Samsung Gear 360 cameras. The first video places the viewer inside the wreckage of a social hall that was destroyed in Yemen by a Saudi airstrike. But the NYT mentioned that other videos could include more light-hearted things like style and fashion, or even feature picturesque environments like sunsets on which viewers can meditate.

Here’s a taste of The Daily 360:

Read more about The Daily 360 from the NYT.

Author: David Hamilton

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