New FITC Event Puts Spotlight on AR & VR Creators

FITC (short for “Flash in the Can”) has come a long way since it began as a Toronto conference aimed at Macromedia Flash developers. In recent years, its events – around a dozen per year – have been widely embraced by the digital creative community and aim to deal with the latest technologies.

It’s unsurprising that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is the focus of their upcoming event – Spotlight AR/VR – on December 3, 2016.  Prices range from $59 for students to $149 for standard admission, and there’s a special early-bird rate ending November 13. Also, save 10% with the discount code “FITCNewsletter”.

Here are some of the presentations we’re most excited about:

Roomscale VR: DIY Dreamatoriums
with John Bolton, Globacore

Globacore Toronto is one of the first companies to experiment with untethered room-scale VR. In other words: they’ve built holodecks from the ground up. John Bolton, a senior developer at Globacore, will explain the technologies go into these experiences. He’ll also share some lessons such as never hold a drink while supervising a VR escape room. The drink always gets spilled.
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Getting started with the Microsoft HoloLens
with Mickey MacDonald

Microsoft HoloLens is a mixed-reality headset that lets users interact with holograms in the world – all while looking like a rad sci-fi boss. Microsoft “Technology Evangelist” Mickey MacDonald will cover some key aspects of the HoloLens, and he’ll discuss the considerations of building immersive mixed reality experience, walk through the workflow, and how to get started developing even without owning a device (the developer version is $3,000 USD). Mickey will provide an introduction to how high-definition holograms could bring your ideas to life.
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Monetization Strategy For The VR Industry
with Alan Smithson, MetaVRse

With every new medium, the issue of monetization is always a concern. It’s perhaps especially pertinent to content creators of whom many fund their own passion projects without necessarily expecting to make a profit. Alan Smithson will share some ideas on how to monetize a product or service within VR/AR – or at least how to hide out from creditors in virtual reality.
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