Welcome to VR Co-Op!

VR Co-Op is all about connecting content creators, technical experts and people with projects they need done. Through our directory of VR professionals and enthusiasts, we pool our talents and resources to share contacts, equipment, knowledge, and workspace.

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A Directory of VR Professionals

Add your profile to a growing list of smart, supportive VR professionals and register your skills and interests so that people can find you to work on projects.

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Shared Resources

Keeping up with the latest VR equipment is difficult and expensive. VR Co-Op members can share equipment with other members they trust.

We also provide a high-quality brandable Google Cardboard headset that members can use to show their content to clients.

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Shared Knowledge

VR moves so fast that it’s imperative that professionals keep updating their knowledge. We host workshops and educational sessions that give members of our community the professional skills they need to standout in the industry.

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Shared Workspace

As an independent VR content creator, it’s easy to run into an issue that derails your project. Working side-by-side in a shared office means there are people to help you work through problems and get advice. For an additional fee, VR Co-Op members can work collaboratively at Lab T.O. Co-working (231 Wallace Ave., Toronto).